Posted by: sweetpea | August 14, 2007

July lottie update.


Well it’s been over a month since my last post, and I have no excuse other than not being able to find time to write! So I shall try and make this a quick update on all things lottie related. 

This year I think is going to turn out to be one of those years when things just don’t seem to go to plan, partly because I seem to have been rather disorganised this year, but partly down to the bizarre weather we’ve been having. I’m pretty sure that the veg on the plot don’t know whether they’re coming or going when it comes to knowing what season it is (although I guess daylength is probably helping to keep them somewhat in line with what they should be doing).  We seemed to have missed out Spring and had Summer in March/April, and then there was that month of rain! and even now, when we should be enjoying the height of summer, we still seem to be having very changeable weather.

Looking back, the last thing I wrote about was back at the end of June when my poor greenhouse fell to the torrential rain.  However all was not lost as it has now been re-born as a fruit cage for my raspberries.  Tony helped me construct it, or rather I helped him by holding bits together whilst he figured it out 🙂


I lost almost all of my tomatoes to blight, all except ‘Purple calabash’ which still seems to be putting up a fight.  My potatoes also seccumbed to blight, but I spotted it early enough to remove the vegetation and dig up a fantastic crop of good sized tubers, in fact some were huge.  I was actually really chuffed with my potato crop as it was a variety called ‘Marfona’, one which I love the taste of, makes fantastic roasters and bakers.

My squashes have been pretty slow due to the colder temperatures, but are now starting to rampage over the back of the plot, although I doubt that they will reach the covering they did last year.  Last night I constructed a trellis framework for the trombolino and another to clamber up, I’m hoping this might keep the rat at bay this year.  I’ve only had 2 courgettes so far, so don’t think I’ll be needing that freezer space for a glut this year, in fact I’m still eating some of last years harvest!


My climbing beans have been troubled this year, having their tops nibbled by something and so they’ve been slow to get going.  I’ve now used some netting to protect them and they seem to be benefiting from it, and starting to make some headway up their poles.  I actually suspect that I have a rabbit visiting the plot for the first time ever so will need to sort out some better rabbit proof fence over the winter.  I sowed some more peas the other weekend, and just to be on the safe side I made some wire cloches to protect them until they are big enough to fend for themselves.  My purple podded peas have done well, but as they are a heritage variety I’ve only harvested a couple of pods, the rest I shall be saving for next year.


I got my leeks in a few weeks ago and they sem to have settled in ok, they’re smaller than some of my fellow plot holders, but I’m sure they’ll make some fine leeks eventually.  My brassica on the other hand are looking pretty sorry for themselves, although they are starting to look a little better each week.  I’m afraid they suffered from my disorganisation in that they remained in their pots waiting to be planted out for far too long so I think they’ve had their growth stunted as a result. I shall be very surprised if they actually come to anything at all, in fact I can’t even remember what they are as the slugs ate the paper from the labels I’d made! (shan’t be doing that next year!).



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