Posted by: sweetpea | April 23, 2008

Something for the peas…..

Last night after work I popped to the lottie to enjoy the last bit of sunshine we had yesterday.  The peas I have at home are doing well and are rearing to be planted outdoors, so I thought it was about time I put up some kind of support for them to clamber up. I’d been mulling over this for the past week as last year I used ‘pea netting’ but found it a real pain to use as it got so tangled up.  Anyhow, on Sunday I spotted another kind of pea netting at the garden centre, one which was a grid of larger sized holes, and more like what I’d been thinking along the lines of.  On the packed it also showed how to create a support, so I decided to use it as the basis for my support.

The support I put up basically consisted of 3 canes as the frame (2 sides and one along the top), and then 2 canes at each end to act as supports for the upright canes.  I then tied the netting to the top pole, and then to both side uprights, and finally pegged it to the ground using tent pegs.  I think it looks great, and hopefully the peas will like it too. 

Pea support

I think I will do the same thing for my sweet peas, not sure about my climbing beans yet.


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