Posted by: sweetpea | May 29, 2008

Quick update on the lottie


Thought I ought do do a little update on all things lottie related, so here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve been up to:

  • last weekend I planted out my tomatoes and courgettes. Unfortunately it wasn’t ideal weather being that it was very windy, so most of the tomatoes are looking a little sad, but are starting to perk up again now. I have some spares so I will replace the worst affected ones this weekend.  I did erect a windbreak of sorts but not entirely sure how effective it was. 
  • I potted up my chard and kale seedlings and they are now doing nicely, although still a little slow.  I had to re-sow my PSB as they had seccumbed either to damping off or the heat whilst I was away.
  • My lettuce, spring onion and beetroot seedlings are patiently waiting to be planted out…really should try and get that done this weekend.
  • I’m hoping to erect a fruit cage this weekend with the help of mum, made from some branches I aquired about a month ago.
  • The Broad beans are finally flowering and I can already see some baby pods growing…can’t wait till they’re ready to pick.
  • The peas are finally starting to take off, hopefully I’ll be able to take the netting off soon as it’s supposed to be for the fruit cage!
  • I discovered 2 cauliflowers growing Tuesday night that I didn’t know I had, I thought they were spring cabbages that had gone a bit past it! 
  • My japanese onions are starting to bulk up nicely, and the shallots and garlic is also growing well.
  • The potatoes were hit by the frost a couple of weeks back, but are now growing again so will be ok although a later harvest thatn expected.
  • The nettle fertilizer is brewing nicely but really pongs!
  • I sowed my climbing beans last night in grow tubes, 8 varieties in all including 1 unknown seed I found:
    • Cobra – the old favourite that is such a good cropper
    • Blue coco – a heritage variety I think
    • Borlotto bean Lamon – seeds of Italy
    • Trionfo violetto – seeds of Italy
    • Maroon (not sure of the exact name of this one) – Heritage variety
    • Red Rice Bean – from Jeannine on A4A
    • Blue & White – Heritage variety
    • Trail of Tears – Heritage variety
  • My fence and gate was kicked in the other weekend so I now have to sort that out. I think I’m going to gather the required materials and then get someone in to do a proper jub as the whole front fence is pretty rotten, might as well get the whole thing replaced than keep trying to do a repair job.  This time I’m going to use some metal roof cladding sheets as there seem to be loads being used on the plots and they seem to do a good job of keeping unwanted guests out.



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