Posted by: sweetpea | June 16, 2008

My friend Mr Robin

Whenever I’m digging or weeding on my plot, I’m almost guaranteed a visit from my resident robin, although I have no idea if it’s male or female I like to think of it as a him.  Not only does he follow me picking up titbits of food, but if I’m lucky he will also sing a little song for me.  Today was one such day, in fact he spent quite a lot of time keeping me company, and it was interesting to see that he was quite choosy in what he ate.  He wasn’t greedy, trying to eat the big fat juicy worms I unearthed, but instead chose to eat smaller worms and I even saw him eat an earwig (or was it a centipede, can’t quite remember now!).

I’ll leave you with some more photo’s of him as he came really close so I could get some good close-up shots (unfortunately I don’t have a flashy telephoto lens!).




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