Posted by: sweetpea | June 17, 2008

Water supply

I’m lucky to have access to a water tap on my lottie site, something I know not all sites have.  It’s great when we have long dry spells as I know I can easily keep my precious plants well watered.  What’s more, I don’t even have to trudge back and forth with my watering can because my neighbours have set up a hosepipe that reaches the tap and all I have to do is connect mine to theirs and hey presto I have instant water.

You’d think I’d be happy with my water supply, but one of my aims with my plot is to try and be as environmentally friendly as possible, which means I cut the grass with shears (can’t quite get the hang of my little scythe) rather than use a strimmer like many of my neighbours.  So when it comes to water, I’d rather take advantage of the fact I have a shed roof and collect rainwater.  There was already one waterbutt on the plot when I took it over, but in the summer it quickly gets used up, so you may remember that last year I set about adding some more waterbutts, 3 to be exact.


I was pretty pleased with my efforts to connect them up to each other so that I could have just one tap for accessing the water they would hopefully contain.  I quickly found out that the seals weren’t watertight, I obviously hadn’t used the righ glue, so I tried using some bathroom sealant.  Alas this didn’t improve the situation much, they did collect some water, but only about a sixth of their full capacity.  In addition to the waterbutts themselves leaking, the connection to the downpipe was also not sealed properly so quite a lot of water was being lost that way, and the gutter was also leaking!

This year I decided I needed to find a solution to the leaking. I did some research and discovered that you can get both indoor and external sealants, I figured the fact I used an indoor sealant was probably half the problem.  So last Friday, I went to our local ‘sells everything’ shop and found something suitable for external contains bitumen.  Tonight I set about applying it once I’d made sure everywhere was cleanish and dry.  Quite a messy job but I think I did a pretty good job. I will connect the downpipe tomorrow and then fingers crossed we will get some rain so I can see whether there is any improvement!  

sealed at last


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