Posted by: sweetpea | July 21, 2008

Has it really been that long!

I hadn’t realised it had been so long since I last posted, but there is good reason for it.  Backat the beginning of June I attended an interview down in London for a bursary given by the HBGBS (Historic and Botanic Gardens Bursary Scheme) and to my surprise I was offered one of the bursaries…and I was even more surprised when I heard where I’d be based …. wait for it ……. Chatsworth House!  What a fantastic place to be able to spend a year gardening…which is what I’ll be doing.  I won’t have much money for the year, but at least i’ll be spending it learning loads and doing something I really enjoy.

So I have been really busy since then visiting Chatsworth, working out what I’m going to do with all my belongings, working out what to do with my allotment, and sorting out things at work.  I start in September so I still have a fair bit of time to get organized, but I have to admit to being a little stressed.  I am slowly ploughing through my belongings, sorting out things to try and sell, those to give to charity, things to freecycle, and those things that will unfortunately have to go in the bin.  At work I am busy writting instructions for my job and trying to train a couple of people in how to do my job.

Then there is my dear allotment…I have to confess that leaving my allotment is going to be very hard…however as Chatsworth is only an hour from York on the train, and I shall be paying visits to the BF when I can I should at least be able to visit now and again to see how it is doing.  As I don’t know what I’ll be doing at the end of the year I have decided not to give up my allotment, luckily a friend approached me about sharing earlier in the year, so he and his young family are I hope going to keep it ticking over whilst I’m away.

I guess you’d like o know how the lottie is doing too.  Well it is full of flowers at the moment…the last of the foxgloves, calendula, Verbena, chicory, achillea,and of course sweet peas….  My potatoes didn’t really recover after the frost that hit them so I’ve been digging them up by the row to get enough potatoes for a meal…bit of a disappointment.  My peas on the other hand have been the best ever..and so sweet. My courgettes are finally starting to take off, but I think the wind gave them a bashing.  The climbing beans have also suffered so I’m not sure if I’ll get any beans at all this year.  My lemon cucumbers on the other hand are already producing fruit so I’m pretty pleased with them, and my tomatoes are also looking good despite the battering they had from the wind when I planted them.

Oh how I will miss my lottie, but if any of you have visited Chatsworth you will know that they have a huge Kitchen garden, so I will still be able to tend veggies even if they won’t be for my own consumption.  I was hoping to start a blog about my year at Chatsworth, in fact I already have (you should see a link to it on the right) however at the moment I’m not sure how much access I’ll have to the internet so that might be a non-starter…I will however be keeping a diary on my laptop so maybe I can try and upload some every now and again.

Well, that’s all for now, i’m off to spray my tomatoes with some horsetail spray…wonder if it will keep the blight at bay?



  1. So many, many congratulations Chick!

    Live the dream, blog it, and then make a telly prog for the BBC.



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