I’ve often tried to keep a journal of what i’ve been up to, but I only ever seem to keep it for a few months before I forget about it.  So that’s how I started my blog, as yet another attempt to keep a journal, and it would appear to be working so far. 

So what am I blogging about?  Well it’s mainly all about my allotment, and gardening in general, with a few comments on walking and nature here and there.  It’s my way of preserving my memories for the future being as I have such a bad memory!



  1. Virgin territory ! I was looking for West Indian pumpkin seeds and found your site. Impressed and this not easily done. Loved the Gormley photos. I have a 5 rod allotment or “leisure garden” in Sydenham in South London. Its all very unplanned , just recovered from a glut of tomatoes. Determined to be more organised in future.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. I would offer you some seeds from my West Indian Pumpkin, but I’m not sure that they will come true as I didn’t hand pollinate it. Not sure if I have any spare seeds from this year either. It’s the first time I’ve grown one and I have no idea what to do with it now as it’s so big! I shall have to have a search for some recipies.

  3. I really like your site – i just stumbled upon it, but its great to see your love of the “lottie”.
    I’m a bit obsessesed with my allotment at present – managing to visit at 6.00 am most mornings.
    If you have any tips on growing carrots I would be grateful as I can’t seem to get success with these

  4. Gosh, 6am, now that is impressive. I’d imagine it’s lovely being down there at that time in the morning.
    Glad you’ve enjoyed reading, it’s always nice to hear from people 🙂
    As for carrots, I’m afraid I’m probably not the best person to ask as I’ve never had that much success either. Last year has been the best so far, but I have no idea why, I suspect it was just luck, and possibly watering over the summer. I find germination hard, and I think I had more success last year because I lined my drill with seed compost and also used it to gently cover the seeds. I shall be doing that again this year. I always find the ‘Allotments4all’ forum a great place for advice and tips, there always seems to be someone who can help.
    Good luck with your carrots this year, I shall be hoping for some luck with mine too 🙂

  5. Hi
    A good blog…fun and informative…..I was wondering about your “jack be little” pumpkin.
    You seemed to have a bumper crop…How many plants did you grow?…Im trying it this season along with “baby bear” and errrm 8 others….I may need a bigger plot!
    Thank you.

  6. Hi

    I got all those pumpkins from just 2 plants! I’m not growing them this year because I found it hard to know what to do with them all, but they are very cute 🙂 I definitely prefer the bigger squash.
    I’m hoping to try and grow some squash over a pergola type structure this year, if I actually get around to constructing one!

    Good luck with your squashes.

    SP x

  7. a carrot tip for those wanting one – my sister managed to grow some spectacular carrot shaped carrots this year by saving empty loo and kitchen towel rolls, filling them with a sandy mix of soil and potting compost and planting carrrots in them – the roll rots away but allows the carrot a nice soft cylinder to develop in before it does – so you get carrot shaped carrots.

  8. Thanks for the tip Anne, might give that a go next year, especially since I don’t seem to have much luck with carrots.

    SP x

  9. Nice site – I’m looking for inspiration for a four year long allotment project with art as a recurring theme – any tips at all greatly appreciated. I wanted tosend you a pic that you mightlike,but I don’t know how to upload it?

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